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First Appointment

We are so excited to meet!

Once you have decided to book your first appointment, you could feel nervous, excited, or somewhere in between. This is very normal, and we want to clarify and set expectations so that you are informed about the process of therapy. 


There is a very important intake form that will be emailed to you after booking. Please spend some time filling it out as honestly and as detailed as you are able to. At our first appointment, we will gain a bit more information by asking some questions based on the intake form, reviewing consent to treatment, and the limitations of confidentiality. 


We may also ask that you complete some questionnaires. This will help guide the direction of treatment and compliment therapy by checking in on your progress periodically. 

Session Timing

Each appointment is 50 minutes of total time spent together, with the remaining 10 minutes spent on the preparation of materials and administrative processes. A typical CBT session would start by checking in on how the week has been, looking at the agenda for the session, reviewing skills practiced throughout the week, learning and practicing a new skill, assigning new skills practice for the week, and wrapping up by checking in on how the session was for you and how you’re feeling. 

Many of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy treatments have very specific protocols and accompanying manuals.


We will provide you with these materials, session by session and ensure that you have additional resources for support in the form of recommended books, readings, referrals, and self-help group schedules.