Looking for a therapist?

The right match is a theme that shows up in therapy - finding a good fit in therapist is very important as is finding the right type of therapy. So how do we decide what therapy is right for you?

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Our Matching Process


We want to get it right the first time! It can be very difficult to open up and tell your story only to find out that you are not in the right place or working with the right person and have to do it all over agin. That is why we have invested a lot of time and effort into our therapist led intake service. We do our very best to make the right match from the beginning, even if it's not offered here at Lotus we always try to offer alternatives. 

The 4 Factors


  • The Person

  • The Problem

  • The Evidence

  • The Therapist

The Person

You are at the centre of your care and your preferences matters to us! Some client's have very specific needs for scheduling, some have strong preferences about the gender of their therapist. We do our best to meet your needs and carefully consider your preferences in our matching process. 

The Problem

Considering what is bringing you to us today informs our matching process. Some therapy models are designed around a specific diagnosis, particularly with CBT where often the therapy is tailored to a particular mental health diagnosis. Other therapy's (like ACT) are more flexibly based around problems that are central to problematic processes that create suffering in people's life. 


The Evidence

Therapy models are vigorously researched to determine their ‘helpfulness’ in different problem areas. This research informs our practice and helps to determine the most appropriate approach to a persons care. In the same way we wouldn't want to give someone an Advil for an upset tummy, research evidence helps our profession to optimize outcomes. 

The Therapist

Our diverse team of therapists are encouraged to pursue their passion and focus on the treatments they are experienced and confident in providing. Although we are a team of unique individuals, we also share in our clinic values. We believe in the workplace values of open communication, reliability as a professional, modelling healthy boundaries, prioritizing work-life balance, and the power of pursuing goals.